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7.01 - Lessons

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Nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. - William Shakespeare

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Regal Believer Appreciation week
Day One: Favorite Regina!Mommy/Henry!Son moment(s)

Out of all the wonderful Regina & Henry moments, I’ve chosen these two for this challenge because they give us insight into something we’ve seen very little of on the show: a touch of domesticity, a peek into Regina and Henry’s life and relationship sans drama. This is usually the sphere of headcanons. But in these scenes, we’re finally allowed a look.

In 3x09, Regina knows that look because how many times has she seen it throughout the years? How many times has she tucked in her growing Little Prince or sat by his bed because he hasn’t been feeling well? She blames pizza and computer games, but she’s not at all reprimanding here; she cracks an inside joke that’s theirs alone. It makes you wonder how many pizzas the Mills mansion has seen and how many times Regina has rolled her eyes before giving in to Henry’s clamouring for one for dinner because, well, she has to give that one to him secretly (or so she thinks): pizza is good.

In 3x19, pizza makes a return as a recurring joke. What Regina asks for and Henry is only too happy to share are small, everyday things, down to the last detail. Because apart from that one year, they’ve always shared those moments. The mood of this scene is one of the most heartwarming ever, starting from their faces and the way they keep holding on to each other to the tone of their conversation. Henry’s excitement at the retelling and the absolute bliss on Regina’s face (she has only just gotten her son back after a year by means of a shared TLK!) intensify when he proudly breaks his math success story to her. You can almost see, from this tiny moment, all those times Regina and Henry sat over his math homework together, and this shared struggle for improvement is what makes Henry so excited to share (look at the little bouncing thing he does!), and Regina so proud and happy to hear (and me - us? - so emotional to watch).


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You’ll be fine.  Come on.

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FYHM’s Challenge 28: Growth

↳ As a mother and her relationship with Henry.

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make me choose » bluedragon-silence asked: mama regina or swan mills family

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1x22 // 2x22 // 3x19

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Once Upon a Time: a summary

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